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  • Vitra Charles and Ray Eames geel

    Vitra, the Swiss company with mid century design furniture

    Vitra was founded as a family business in 1950 and has produced a tremendous amount of design furniture since it’s establishing. The Swiss company is now world-renowned, a feat that was not simply accomplished overnight. As such, the name will likely ring a bell or sound familiar to many people. Among the furniture produced by …

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  • Vitra Charles and Ray Eames geel

    Vitra het Zwitserse bedrijf met mid century design meubels

    Vitra is in 1950 opgericht als familiebedrijf en produceert ontzettend veel designmeubels. Vitra is een Zwitsers bedrijf dat bekend is over de hele wereld. Die naam is natuurlijk niet zomaar opgebouwd maar het kan bijna niet anders dan dat je ooit van het bedrijf gehoord hebt. Wellicht dat je de naam daarom ook wel kent. …

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  • Wat hebben een huis bouwen én het primitieve leven met elkaar gemeen?

    Vraag dat maar aan Marieke Jansen. Vijf jaar geleden heeft ze samen met haar partner een stuk grond gekocht in Sint Oedenrode met als doel om daar een prachtig, zelf ontworpen huis te bouwen. Hoe anders ziet het leven er vandaag de dag uit? Heel anders. Maar eerst een beetje terug in de tijd. Het …

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  • All the products together make a bohemian interior

    All the products together make a bohemian interior, but all the products separately have another origin.  The seventies element sofa has an Italian design look and the hunting chairs and the Kristian Vedel sofa are Danish design. We made this setting with orange, brown and green colors. This doesn’t have to mean that your interior will …

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  • Kobe Lignet-Roset

    Kobe; a worldwide phenomenon in the field of fabrics

    The ones active in the design world have probably heard of the brand Kobe. Kobe Interior Design is a worldwide brand from Kobefab International. They sell an extensive collection of curtain and furniture fabrics.  This company finds it really important that all employees have a unique passion for fabrics and wallcovering.  The enterprise plays an …

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  • Arne Wahl Iversen Secretaire

    Arne Wahl Iversen started his first ‘office’ when he was only 25 years old

    Arne Wahl Iversen was born on the 9th of November 1927 in Denmark. Arne Wahl Iversen had interest in furniture early on in his life. This was the reason he went to the technical school at a young age. From 1949 until 1951 Iversen went to the art Academy for furniture arts. He was tutored …

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  • Hollywood Regency interior, gold, velvet and glamour

    Settings to fall in love with. Do you want to know more about the products? Click on the photo to go to a product page. We sometimes make interiors with products because it can be difficult to see how a product interacts and feels in an interior. Hollywood Regency Just like written before in our …

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  • How to create a Bohemian interior? Don’t be afraid to use colors

    A combination of different colors Characteristic for a bohemian interior is the mix of colors. It can not be colorful enough to us. A simple and subtle way to add color is to place cushions, art and other colorful accessories in your interior. The walls and furniture can then be kept in neutral colors like …

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  • How to create a Bohemian chic interior? Add gold and velvet

    Mix bohemian with glamour Characteristic for a bohemian interior is the mix of colors and patterns. But what’s the difference between a bohemian and a bohemian chic interior? Basically, with a bohemian chic interior, you’ll see more glamour. More gold, velvet and shiny objects. A hint of American style actually. Gold and velvet In this …

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  • Kvadrat fabrics are inevitable

    Since its foundation in Denmark in 1968, Kvadrat has built a name with design textiles. The fabrics are used throughout the world by designers, architects and furniture manufacturers. Kvadrat is a strong brand, which is no longer inevitable in this industry. One can say that Kvadrat has the leading position in Europe’s textile market. Kvadrat’s products …

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  • Scandinavisch interieur design

    Create your personal Scandinavian interior with vintage classics

    Use light colours Take the curtains away and make sure a lot of light can shine through your Scandinavian interior. Moreover, use light colours for a clean look. In this setting we chose for white walls and a white floor. The Scandinavian furniture therefore only look better in this interior. Use contrast Add contrast by …

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  • What preceded modern contemporary design, the last avant-garde

    On Sunday, April the 16th 2017, I visited the Stedelijk Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The exhibition ‘The Last Avant-Garde Radical Design in Italy 1966-1988. Here the focus was on the period preceding the much discussed contemporary Modernist Design. Memphis exhibition in the historic building ‘Het Kruiswijk’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The idea came from conservator Yvònne Joris, who …

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  • Avant-Garde Memphis Design

    Avant-Garde; wat er vooraf ging aan het modernistische hedendaagse design

    Zondag 16 April 2017 bezocht ik in het Stedelijk Museum te ‘s-Hertogenbosch de tentoonstelling ‘De laatste Avant-Garde Radicaal design in Italië 1966-1988. Hier werd de focus gelegd op de periode die voorafging aan het veel besproken Modernistische Italiaans Design. Memphis tentoonstelling in het historische gebouw Het Kruiswijk te ’s-Hertogenbosch. Het idee was van conservator Yvònne …

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  • Bauhaus Office Walter Gropius

    Bauhaus, de stichting van modern design

    Door de enorme eenheid van modern design kan men een rechte lijn terug trekken naar de oorsprong. De geboorteplaats van de inspiratie waarop bijna elk modern ontwerp is gebaseerd. Wat is de Bauhaus en waarom was het zo invloedrijk? De Bauhaus begon in 1919. Walter Gropius (1883-1969) stichtte een school  genaamd ‘Staatliche Bauhaus Weimar’ als een …

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  • Bauhaus, the foundation of modern design

    Through the vast unity of modern design one can draw a straight line back to its origins. The birthplace of the inspiration on which almost every modern design is based. What is the Bauhaus and why was it so influential? The Bauhaus, began in 1919 when Walter Gropius(1883-1969) founded a school named the Staatliche Bauhaus Weimar …

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  • Finn Juhl, a real Danish design icon of the mid-century

    Finn Juhl has been a great treasure in Danish design. Maybe he is less familiar than some of his contemporaries but he has a lot of meaning. Finn Juhl is an icon we dare to say. Juhl did not want to study architecture at all. He preferred art history. Still, he first started working as …

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  • Niels Otto Møller has designed multiple different chairs

    The Danish designer Niels Otto Møller has designed al lot of different chairs. He used papercord multiple times as a seat. Papercord is made of very thin but strong paper. This paper is turned into a 3 cord rope, that makes it one of the strongest materials for seats. However, this all happened later off …

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  • Gunni Omann worked mostly with teak and rosewood

    Gunni Omann designed for Jun’s Møbelfabrik A/S and is founded by Andreas Omann in 1933. The production of bedroom, dining room furniture and wall-systems was Gunni Omann’s main focus. The furniture mostly was designed together with his family, however the designs were from Gunni Omann. In 1979 the company was taken over by his son Bjarne Omann. …

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  • Gunni Omann dressoir ontwerper

    Gunni Omann werkte voornamelijk met teak en palissanderhout

    Gunni Omann ontwierp voor Jun’s Møbelfabrik A/S en is opgericht door Andreas Omann in 1933. Het produceren van slaapkamermeubels, eetkamer meubels en wandsystemen was het meubilair waar Gunni Omann zich vooral op richtte. De meubels werden bijna altijd ontworpen samen met familieleden maar de meeste designs waren afkomstig van Gunni Omann. In 1979 werd het …

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  • Arne Vodder dressoir ontwerper

    Arne Vodder ontwerpen staan bekend om de fijne en organische lijnen

    Arne Vodder werd opgeleid door Finn Juhl. Later werden de twee naast zakenpartners ook goede vrienden. Arne Vodder ontwierp verschillende goedkope huizen. Deze huizen en de manier waarop ze gebouwd werden bleken een groot succes. Arne Vodder werd hiervoor ook geprezen door de regering. In de Jaren vijftig en zestig ontving hij verschillende prijzen voor …

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  • Geoffrey Harcourt artifort model 042

    Geoffrey Harcourt: ”Eerst de mens, dan de stoel”

    Geoffrey Harcourt werd opgeleid aan de Royal College of Art in Londen. Een Engelsman die zijn credits al ruimschoots heeft verdient in de productdesign wereld.Als hij in 1962 voor het eerst een serie meubelen ontwerpt voor het Schijndelse Artifort. Een serie kleine bureaus en fauteuils. Harcourt is voor Artifort de brug naar de internationale projectinrichting …

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  • Arne Vodder designs are famous because of their fine and organic lines

    Arne Vodder was educated by Finn Juhl. Later, the two became business partners and good friends. Arne Vodder designed different budget houses. These houses and the way they were build seemed to be a big succes. Arne Vodder was awarded by the government because of his designs. In the 1950’s and 1960’s he won several …

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  • stuffed animals

    Stuffed animals in your interior is totally it these days

    Animals come back in our interiors in many different ways. Stuffed, in combination with glass bars, but also furniture names get inspired by animals. Why are we so fond of this trend of stuffed animals and where does it all come from? Let’s start with the stuffed animals. Stuffed animals and natural items are found …

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  • Geoffrey Harcourt: “First the person, then the chair”

    Geoffrey Harcourt was educated at the Royel College of Art in London. An Englishman that had earned his credentials already in the product design world. In 1962, he designed a series of furniture items for the Artifort in Schijndel, The Netherlands. A series of small desks and chairs. Harcourt is for Artifort the bridge to …

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  • A whole different world in Japan

    Whoever has been in this country will be able to relate here. Japan is on the other side of the world. Literally and figuratively. It’s a different world. In Japan, I’ve seen things I’ve never seen, I’ve gained inspiration and I’ve been able to see and discover many beautiful things. Of course, Japanese people have a completely …

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