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Marieke Jansen

Marieke Jansen

Marieke Jansen (1990) is an entrepreneur with an intense love for her products. Marieke has had a love for old objects ever since she could walk, which later, during her studies, resulted in an enormous love for vintage design furniture. Marieke studied interior design and then went to art school to become a spatial designer. In 2011 she already started buying and selling furniture. After Marieke graduated in 2015 she started working full time on MARIEKKE vintage . Her hobby has become her job! At least once a month she tries to find unique pieces all over Europe.

Take a look at the instagram account of Marieke Jansen.


Noortje Schevers

Photographer Noortje Schevers (1990) graduated in 2010 as a photographic designer. What makes photography so interesting for her is that you can play with light, shadow, colour, lines and perspective. This way, materials and products are shown to their best advantage. You can also tell a story through images, which can bring a product to life.

In addition to photography, her passion is interior design, styling, drawing and fashion. Everything creative is fun!

About Pim

Pim Smit


Kiki Geeven

Online marketing employee Kiki Geeven (1992) graduated from the Commercial Economics course in 2014.

Kiki is interested in marketing and especially in what motivates people to visit a website, to make a purchase or to follow a company. How can you, as a company, respond to people's needs in the best way possible? She likes to be creative and to post jokes on the different social media.

Kiki enjoys watching football, her two cats, a beer now and then and her own beauty salon for the most beautiful nails.


Sam Janssen

Restorer Sam Janssen (1995) graduated as a creative craftsman from the HMC in Amsterdam in 2019. As a creative craftsman, you graduate as a concept creator, designer and furniture maker. Next year, he plans to start at the art academy on the Fine Art course.

Vintage Sam likes to breathe new life into the vintage design furniture at Mariekke .

In his free time, Sam likes to paint and draw, as well as philosophise and discuss. He also likes to play at (self-organised) parties, especially techno music.


Chiel Terken

Restorer Chiel Terken (1995) is studying at the Utrecht School of the Arts at the training programme Product Design. He is always busy coming up with crazy ideas or innovative products. He is very involved in material and material research at school. All these aspects come in very handy as a restorer of vintage design furniture.

Chiel himself enjoys making furniture and at MARIEKKE Vintage he can get inspiration from the great designers.

In his free time, Chiel likes to "drink beer with my mum", which means "drink a beer with my friends".


Bo van Kessel

Bo (2001) is currently studying Business Administration. To expand her business skills, she helps MARIEKKE Vintage with administrative tasks.

Bo finds challenge in optimising processes. She is also involved in making the current processes more efficient at Mariekke .

On Sunday mornings, Bo gets a lot of energy from a game of football. In her free time, she can be found in nature or on a terrace with a drink.


Personal contact

For Marieke personal contact is very important. She gets inspired by people she meets who have their own style and therefore share a passion with her. It is therefore not surprising that she finds it hard to stop talking about vintage furniture when she meets people like this.

Team spirit very important at MARIEKKE vintage . A team where we inspire and complement each other.


With photography, Noortje wants to portray the product as realistically as possible. She tries to create a realistic image so that customers will not be disappointed. Therefore, any trace of use or possible damage will always be shown and well described on the product page.

Noortje determines per product which aspects of the piece are unique and interesting to photograph.


Every week, the team publishes new unique pieces online. It also regularly shares information about great designers and manufacturers.


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