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  • Beautiful photos in the mid-century house of Marieke

    If you are proud of something, you can show it off, can't you? That is exactly what we are doing with these photos! @m__casestudy@m_ariekejansen

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  • Our favourite Danish vintage books

    The internet is, of course, full of information about Danish vintage products, designers and producers, but for us there is (almost) nothing better than having a real book to browse through. Read more about Danish designers and get fun and useful information about the lives of these Danish designers. How to...

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  • House full of MARIEKKE Vintage furniture: inside look at Teuntje and Ruben

    To get an idea of how the furniture might look in your home, we have placed the vintage furniture in a beautiful house. We made a beautiful mix of colours, materials and styles. Something about the house; this was on roomed, Teuntje tells something about their house The house is ...

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  • Free e-book

    Always wanted to know how to recognise a vintage product? Then download the latest e-book via the link below: How do I recognize a replica? By entering your email address you automatically subscribe to the MARIEKKE Vintage newsletter.   

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  • Japandi Style

    The eclectic style combines Japanese and Scandinavian. An increasingly common interior style. The perfect combination of clean lines with organic shapes. Curious about what it entails? Download the e-book, attention this mail may end up in your spambox. Email address *        

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  • house designs

    What do building a house and primitive life have in common?

    Just ask Marieke Jansen. Five years ago, she and her partner bought a piece of land in Sint Oedenrode with the intention of building a beautiful home of their own design there. How different is life today? Very different. But first a little back in time. The ...

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  • Kobe; a global phenomenon in the field of fabrics

    Anyone who is active in the design world has probably heard of the Kobe brand. Kobe Interior Design is a worldwide brand of Kobefab International. It includes an extensive collection of curtain and upholstery fabrics. The company has played an important role in this sector for more than 35 years. It has a solid base with companies in ...

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  • Kvadrat fabrics, a must-have

    Since its foundation in 1968, Kvadrat has built a name for itself with design textiles. Its fabrics are used by designers, architects and furniture manufacturers throughout the world. Kvadrat is a strong brand that has become indispensable in the industry. It is safe to say that Kvadrat is the leader in Europe's textile market. The products of Kvadrat are...

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  • wood species

    We love wood

    There are many different types of wood. Furniture makers are used to working with the different types and like to test new types of wood. Working with different types of wood is, of course, very different. One wood bends well, the other less so. One type of wood is flexible, the other especially rigid. One kind of wood changes its colour to ...

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  • Rosewood rosewood

    Rosewood is an endangered species

    The wood is very popular because of its wide range of uses. However, the wood species is threatened with extinction and is therefore no longer so easy to obtain. A disappointment for many woodworkers these days ... Rosewood comes from South America, the so-called Riopalissander, also called Dalbergia Nigra. The other well-known wood...

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  • Daybed, I'm in seventh heaven with you in my interior

    The daybed is one of the finest pieces of furniture made. It is incredibly beautiful and very functional. On the internet and in magazines, I see hundreds of beautiful items popping up. You can use the bed to lie down, sit down or just to lounge around. Daybeds come in many shapes and sizes. With ...

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  • what is vintage meaning furniture

    Vintage, do you know what it is?

    Vintage. The word is used so often. But what does vintage really mean? There is actually a very simple rule. Vintage stuff is at least 25 years old but still too young to be called antique. Stuff from a certain time period does not necessarily have to be vintage . When something is made recently ...

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  • Plywood charles ray eames vintage  splint

    What is plywood?

    Today, it is impossible to imagine life without plywood. Of course, it did not just come into being. Plywood is a composite sheet material made up of an odd number of wood veneers. These are glued crosswise to each other. The original name for this is Plywood, used only for three layers. And Plywood, for five or more layers. Very often these are used for the ...

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  • vintage furniture design furniture

    Isn't that a bit much to ask?

    Hey, isn't that asking too much? Vintage furniture is often offered on the internet. But of course also on markets, second-hand shops and thrift shops. Sometimes we pay far too much for something and sometimes we have gold in our hands without even knowing it. The prices of vintage furniture vary enormously. This is the ...

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  • scandinavian danish interior vintage

    Five inspiring Instagram accounts to follow

    I often get up in the morning and first check Instagram to see what has happened. What has been posted and whether there are any cool things on there. Instagram is hot And designers know it too. At Instagram you can find the prettiest, coolest pictures and take a look inside the prettiest houses with the most beautiful ...

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