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  • More on the designers behind vintage Charles and Ray Eames chairs

    Some designers deserve more, much more. Some designers deserve more attention than a small piece of text on your website. One of them is Ray and Charles Eames. This designer duo is known worldwide and has meant a lot to the industry. Who were they and where did they get their creativity from? Charles was ...

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  • Bramin refers to the place where the factory stood, Bramming

    Bramin møbler is a furniture factory that evolved from NA Jørgensens Møbelfabrik. Henry W. Klein was the best known designer for the Bramin møbler company. The name refers to the place where the factory stood, Bramming. A place on the west coast of Jutland, a peninsula of Denmark. The company was from the 1950s until the 1980s a ...

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  • Hans J. Wegner Dining Chairs

    Hans J. Wegner

    The man who put Danish design on the map In the vintage world, a few countries are prominently represented: Italy, the Netherlands and of course Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The latter is a very interesting one because without Hans Jørgensen Wegner, Denmark would probably not have become as large and important within the mid-century design world as it is today! …

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  • Charles and Ray Eames; a golden duo

    Charles & Ray Eames. A golden duo, but of course also two very special and talented individuals in their own right. They are inseparable from each other, but of course they also have their own talents, story and best sides. High time to get to know them a little better... Charles Eames Charles Eames was an American designer, architect and designer of ...

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  • Eero Saarinen made career switch

    Eero Saarinen was born in Finland but left for the United States with his parents at the age of 13. His father was a teacher and later Saarinen would also teach sculpture and furniture design. He first studied sculpture in Paris, but then went on to study architecture in the United States. …

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  • Freunde von Freunden, new designers, new blog

    In Freunde von Freunden, Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert and Torsten Bergler are going to take a look at houses from different artists and designers. It is the sequal to the book Freunde von Freunden Berlin. The interview-magazine FVF is published around the whole world. Employees of this magazine collaborated to create this special book. Made ...

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  • Arne Wahl Iversen started his first 'office' when he was 25 years old

    Arne Wahl Iversen was born on 9 November 1927 in Denmark. Arne Wahl Iversen was interested in furniture from an early age. That is why he left for technical school at an early age. From 1949 to 1951, Arne attended art school, the school of furniture arts. There he was under the guidance of Kaare Klint. When Arne Wahl ...

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  • Angelo Mangiarotti MARIEKKE vintage design

    Angelo Mangiarotti never forgot the needs of the users

    Angelo Mangiarotti was an Italian architect. He was born in 1921 and died in 2012. Besides being an architect, Angelo Mangiarotti was also an industrial designer. He was known for never really forgetting the needs of the users. He always took them into account. Much to the delight of the users, of course. He focused mainly on ...

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  • Hans Wegner designed more than five hundred different chairs

    Hans Wegner was a Danish furniture designer. He is sometimes called one of the most inventive furniture designers of all time. It was Hans Wegner's work in particular that made Danish design a household name all over the world. He was and is an inspiration to many... It all started in Copenhagen. There Hans Wegner followed a course in ...

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  • Harry Bertoia chose the design world in America

    Harry Bertoia was born on 10 March 1915 in Italy. To be precise, in San Lorenzo. Harry Bertoia was a born artist, sound artist and modern furniture designer. At the age of fifteen, he was given the choice to stay in Italy or to go to Detroit in America. Harry Bertoia chose the latter. Together with his ...

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  • Women deserve a place too part 2

    Female designers: when we talk about famous, inspiring and revolutionary designers, we often talk about the men. But it's not just the men who have made it. Mirror, mirror, mirror... Who are the best in the country? I have compiled a top ten for you. A top ten of fantastic ...

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  • Finn Juhl, a true Danish design icon of the mid-century

    Finn Juhl has meant a great deal to Danish design. Perhaps he is less well known than some of his contemporaries, but that he has meant a lot is certain. Finn Juhl is an icon, we might say. Juhl did not want to study architecture when he was young. He wanted to study art history. Yet he ...

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  • Niels Otto Møller has designed many different chairs

    Danish designer Niels Otto Møller has designed many different chairs. He has used paper cord as a seat countless times. Paper cord is made of very thin yet strong paper, also known as papercord. This paper is twisted into a rope in three threads, which makes it one of the strongest materials available. But that is not all.

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  • Gunni Omann sideboard designer

    Gunni Omann worked mainly with teak and rosewood

    Gunni Omann designed for Jun's Møbelfabrik A/S and was founded by Andreas Omann in 1933. The production of bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and wall systems was Gunni Omann's main focus. The furniture was almost always designed together with family members, but most of the designs came from Gunni Omann. In 1979, the company ...

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  • Arne Vodder sideboard designer

    Arne Vodder designs are known for their fine lines

    Arne Vodder was trained by Finn Juhl. Later, the two became good friends as well as business partners. Arne Vodder designed several cheap houses. These houses and the way they were built proved to be a great success. In the 1950s and 1960s he received several awards for both his architecture and furniture. Arne Vodder ...

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  • Artifort Geoffrey Harcourt Armchair

    Geoffrey Harcourt: "First the man, then the chair"

    Geoffrey Harcourt was educated at the Royal College of Art in London. An Englishman who has already earned his stripes in the world of product design, he designed a series of furniture for the Schijndel-based company Artifort for the first time in 1962. A series of small desks and armchairs. For Artifort Harcourt is the bridge to the international project design world.

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  • Women deserve a place too

    When we talk about famous, inspiring and revolutionary designers, we often talk about the men. Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Martin Visser and Le Corbusier are some of the names you will often hear. Yet it is not only the men who have made it. There are also many fantastic female designers. And also ...

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  • Martin Visser, minimalist is the magic word in his work

    Martin Visser was born in 1922 in Papendrecht. By birth Martin Visser was an architectural draughtsman, which was also his first job. As he called it himself. He also designed furniture, which was sold by De Bijenkorf from 1947 onwards. The retailer he joined and where he was head of purchasing from 1954. …

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  • Mart Stam Thonet vintage design

    Mart Stam, architect and industrial designer from Purmerend

    (Martinus Adrianus Stam) was born in 1899 in Purmerend. The 'new professionalism' and the 'new building' were design movements to which Mart Stam belonged. In the forties and fifties, functionality played an important role. Mart Stam was one of the most important architects and industrial designers of the movement with this clear opinion and way of ...

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  • Designers freunde von freunden dean disimone

    A look into the homes of the designers of Freunde von freunden

    In Freunde von Freunden, Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert and Torsten Bergler show you the houses of various artists and designers. It is the successor to the book Freunde von Freunden Berlin. The interview magazine FVF has been around for a long time and is distributed all over the world. Employees of the magazine have ...

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  • Jasper Morrison thinking man chair

    Jasper Morrison's design office is based in London and Paris.

    Jasper Morrison is a British designer from London. His own brand, Jasper Morrison, has grown into a large design agency. The firm is based in London and Paris. Morrison was born in 1959. He studied design at the Kingston Polytetchnic Design School and the Royal College of Art. In 1986, the designer founded his own studio in ...

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  • egon eiermann wild spieth vintage

    Egon Eiermann is inspired by the furniture of Eames

    Egon Eiermann was one of the most important architects in Germany in the second half of the 20th century. He studied at the Technische Hogeshool in Berlin-Charlottenburg. After graduating, he worked at Karstadt department store. Egon Eiermann's buildings His most important architectural works include the Textile Factory in Blumberg, the West German Embassy in Washington and the new ...

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  • Dorothee Becker has created beautiful designs for, among others Vitra

    Dorothee Becker was born in Germany in 1938. In 1960, she emigrated to California, but later the return to Germany was quickly made for Dorothee Becker. Becker has designed beautiful items for, among others, Vitra. Vitra is a unique design label that originated in Switzerland. How do I recognise a real Dorothee Becker? …

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  • Verner Panton cone chairs

    Verner Panton, designer of innovative furniture

    Verner Panton is regarded as one of Denmark's most important furniture and interior designers in the 20th century. He was born in a small Danish village on an island. In 1951, he graduated from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen. During his career, several innovative and futuristic pieces of furniture were designed. Verner Panton has a long history in ...

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  • Ole Wanscher was an architect and Professor of Architecture

    Ole Wanscher was born in 1903 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied at the Danish School of Art and Design. Wanscher was an architect and Professor of Architecture with furniture design as his speciality. Ole Wanscher was mainly influenced by Professor Kaare Klint with whom he worked from 1924 to 1927. His furniture is nowadays ...

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