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  • Bramin refers to the place where the factory stood, Bramming

    Bramin møbler is a furniture factory that evolved from NA Jørgensens Møbelfabrik. Henry W. Klein was the best known designer for the Bramin møbler company. The name refers to the place where the factory stood, Bramming. A place on the west coast of Jutland, a peninsula of Denmark. The company was from the 1950s until the 1980s a ...

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  • Vitra the Swiss company with mid-century design furniture

    Vitra was founded in 1950 as a family business and produces an awful lot of designer furniture. Vitra is a Swiss company that is known all over the world. Of course, the name was not built up by chance, but it is almost inevitable that you have heard of the company. Perhaps that is why you know the name. …

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  • Pastoe design furniture: successful for years

    In 1913, Frits Loeb founded the Utrechtse Machinale Stoel- en Meubelfabriek (UMS). Located in Utrecht. As many of us may know. Because, it is still there. Only no longer located in its original spot. Frits Loeb founded the factory in 1913. At the time, it was still called Utrechtse Machinale Stoel- en ...

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  • Thonet, a German-Austrian furniture maker

    Thonet was a German-Austrian furniture maker. Michael Thonet became particularly famous for bending wood. Together with Metternicht they managed to get a patent for this. He developed a method of making furniture by boiling thin wooden slats in glue and making them bendable. He pressed these slats into a mould to make ...

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  • ray eames vitra  herman miller

    Herman Miller, manufacturer of modern design furniture

    Herman Miller was a businessman from West Michigan in the United States. He helped his son-in-law, De Pree, to buy the Michigan Star Furniture Company. De Pree therefore decided to name the company after his father-in-law. Modern furniture In the mid-twentieth century, the name Herman Miller was a synonym ...

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  • 't Spectrum, the Dutch company that stands for design and functionality

    't Spectrum was established in 1941 as a subsidiary of Weverij De Ploeg. It is housed in a magnificent building designed by Gerrit Rietveld. 't Spectrum shows the work of the leading Dutch designers of the young generation. Fantastic choice of 't Spectrum Founded in the first place to prevent workers being sent to work in Germany. …

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  • J.L. Møller Møbelfabrik was established in 1944 by Niels Otto Møller

    Niels Otto Møller was born in 1920. In 1944, Niels Otto Møller Arhus founded the J.L. Møller Møbelfabrik A/S. Here he made mainly teak and rosewood furniture. "It has always been the intention to deliver good craftsmanship with this furniture. As they themselves have always said ...

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  • Magnus Olesen Kai Kristiansen vintage

    Magnus Olesen known for high quality furniture

    Magnus Olesen A/S was founded in Durup, Denmark. This was done in 1937 by the designer Magnus Olesen. Today it is a well-known and good furniture company that delivers high quality design . Magnus Olesen Danish craftsmanship The company has always believed in good Danish craftsmanship. And rightly so, as it turned out later. It is the ...

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  • Artifort Apollo

    Artifort, a Dutch company, big since the 1930s

    Aritfort celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015. It all started in 1890 when Jules Wagemans established himself in Maastricht as an upholsterer. Jules' son, Henricus, expanded the company into a furniture factory. At the end of the 1920s, the company had a showroom in Amsterdam. It was not until 1928 that the company was called Artifort . …

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  • Tomado vintage MARIEKKE   furnituredesign

    Tomado stands for Van der Togt Massa articles Dordrecht

    Tomado knew better than anyone how to respond to the need after the Second World War for practical and affordable tools for the housewife. Tomado stands for Van der Togt Massa artikelen Dordrecht and was founded in 1923 by brothers Jan and Wim van der Togt. Water and fire, they soon parted company. Jan van der ...

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  • Only the very best leathers are suitable for De Sede.

    De Sede is a Swiss manufacturer that distinguishes itself in terms of quality. Only the very best leathers are suitable for the design brand De Sede. De Sede was originally a small but experienced saddle maker in Klingnau, Switzerland. With their years of experience and dedication they were able to create furniture of exceptional quality. This ...

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  • Wilhelm renz

    The wall shelf of Wilhelm Renz is very successful.

    Wilhelm Renz In 1902 the company was taken over from Otto Vetter who started his business in 1882. The company is based in the German city of Stuttgart, where Wilhelm Renz was in charge for a long time. Over 10 years later Wilhelm Renz builds a new factory in the town of Böblingen. The designs of Wilhelm Renz are given a new ...

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  • Teak Sideboard Troeds

    The Swedish company Troeds, known for its vintage design furniture

    Troeds is a Swedish manufacturer and known for its vintage design furniture. In 1934, Svea Och Hugo Troedsson, (also known as Hugo Troeds ) started the furniture factory Troeds. The company focuses on mid-century high-end furniture. The company produces designs that exude lightness in form and beauty, combined with function is the essence ...

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  • Tecno

    Quality and technological innovation are at the heart of the Tecno company.

    Tecno S.p.A. from Italy was taken over by Osvaldo and Fulgenzio Borsani in 1953. The history began in the early 1920s under a different name than Tecno. The father of these twins, Gaetano Borsani, started the company in 1920 under the name Atelier di Varedo. Later this became Arredamenti Borsani Varedo (ABV). Quality and ...

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  • pastoe vintage  design  stool

    The Dutch design company Pastoe, officially UMS Pastoe

    Pastoe, officially UMS Pastoe, the abbreviation for Utrechtse Machinale Stoel en Meubelfabriek. In 2013, the 100th anniversary will be celebrated. They will celebrate this with a large exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. 100 years ago, the factory was not yet called UMS Pastoe but UMS. Frits Loeb only added Pastoe after the Second World War. Cees ...

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  • Nesto

    Nesto was one of Scandinavia's largest furniture factories

    Nesto Stolefabrik AB, formerly Nässjö Stolfabrik AB operated from 1870 to 1992. The Swedish architect Yngve Ekström was the best-known designer for Nesto, and he came up with the idea for Ikea of taking apart comfortable chairs to be able to ship them in a flat box. An important part of this is the Allen key, ...

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  • Pepita Program sideboard Musterring International vintage design  sideboard

    The vintage furniture from Musterring had a clean design.

    Musterring was founded in 1938 by Josef Höner Musterring. The company settled in the German town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück. After the interruption of the Second World War, production was resumed. The first product was a wooden sewing chest, but was soon followed by high quality furniture at affordable prices. In the 1950s, the ...

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  • Knoll antimott vintage sofa

    At the end of the 1930s, the system was developed by Knoll Antimott

    The beginnings with Wilhelm Knoll The furniture manufacturer known today as Knoll International all started with a small shop where Wilhelm Knoll worked leather in 1864. The focus on leather quickly changed to leather seating and soon Ledersitzmöbelfabrik Wilhelm Knoll was born. Brothers Wilhelm and Walter Knoll Wilhelm Knoll had two sons, ...

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  • The chairs from Høng Stolefabrik, distinctive armrests

    Høng Stolefabrik, also known as Høng Stole, was bought in 1921 by Alfred and Poul Hansen from the Christensen brothers. The company focuses mainly on dining chairs. model 41 - design-mkt.com The chairs of Høng stole are characterised by the beautifully sculptured armrests. There are different models made, model 41 and 42 (see main picture) ...

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  • Gispen, mainly known for the tubular steel chairs

    Gispen was founded in 1916 by Willem-Hendrik Gispen. Mainly known for its steel furniture designed in the 1930s. Gispen moved in 1934 to Culemborg where Gelderland is also located. With their innovative designs, they have taken a big place in the world of design and quality. In the twenties, Willem-Hendrik designed a ...

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  • Gelderland increasingly began to create its own characteristic collection

    Gelderland was founded in 1936 in the Dutch town of Culemborg by Oberman. Groundbreaking designs, first-class quality and a strong emphasis on comfort. That is what has characterised Gelderland to this day. The first success In the post-war period, experimental furniture as well as pre-war items were introduced in ...

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  • Fristho was very successful in Europe, especially in Italy and France.

    Fristho was started in 1921 in Franeker, Friesland. A contraction of Friesche Stoel- en Houtwaren fabriek formed the name Fristho. The manufacturer was very successful in Europe, particularly in Italy and France. The designers Kho Liang Ie, Wim Crouwel, William Watting, Inger Klingenberg and Rudolf Glatzel made the factory Fristho unique. Also in ...

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  • fredericia borge magsen vintage

    Fredericia, scandinavian style, yet characteristic and recognisable.

    Fredericia is a family business, which has helped to create international respect for Danish design. The designer Børge Mogensen was closely associated with Fredericia. Most of the classics are therefore designed by the famous Børge Mogensen. He makes extensive use of the materials oak wood and cognac saddle leather. The designs are subtly shaped in Scandinavian style, ...

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  • france and son grete jalk

    France and Son, known from the Danish top designers

    France and Son was founded in 1948 by British businessman Charles France in cooperation with his Danish business partner Eric Daverkosen. The name was therefore France & Daverkosen in the beginning. In 1957, Charles France's son joined the company and the name was changed to France and Son. The company started with the ...

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  • dyrlund

    Always made with quality, that's what Dyrlund is known for.

    Dyrlund was started in 1960 in the small town of Rude, Denmark, to produce furniture for the office and the home. Solidly built sofas that are always made with quality are what Dyrlund is known for. Danish style Today Dyrlund 's logo is a golden stamp and they claim to be the antiques of ...

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