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  • bramin henry w small vintage

    Bramin refers to the place where the factory stood, Bramming

    Bramin møbler is a furniture factory that evolved from NA Jørgensens Møbelfabrik. Henry W. Klein was the best known designer for the Bramin møbler company. The name refers to the place where the factory stood, Bramming. A place on the west coast of Jutland, a peninsula of Denmark. The company was from the 50s until the 80s ...

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  • topkamp ib kofod larsen chair

    Uppercamp furniture, often designed by Danish designers

    Bovenkamp Holland was based in Hilversum in the middle of the 20th century. Known all over the world for the quality of furniture that the Bovenkamp brand offered. Bovenkamp was a big importer of Danish design furniture to the Netherlands at the time. The furniture was also strongly inspired by the Danish design. But ...

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  • asko export ilmari tapiovaara vintage

    Asko, created from a small carpentry workshop in Lahti

    Asko Export is a Finnish furniture company and is considered a leader in its field. Asko is known for producing high quality furniture. In 1918 Asko was founded by Aukusti Asko Avonius, the company originated from a small carpentry workshop in Lahti, 100 kilometers north of Helsinki. By 1930 the company had ...

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  • albin johansson soner vintage

    Albin Johansson and Söner, Hyssna where it all began

    Albin Johansson and Söner is located in Hyssna, Sweden since 1920. Carl Ewert Ekström is the most famous designer of Albin Johansson and Söner. Hyssna is an hour away from Gothenburg, where it all started. The company starts up in the house of Albin Johansson, where he lets his neighbors produce the furniture. It is ...

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